2021 Calendar

2020 has been a painful year for the whole planet. The world of communication and marketing itself has suffered terribly. Brands have lost faith in the future, suspended in a paralyzed market. What wish could we address them in sight of the new year? To turn the page with a smile, thanks to the power of imagination, words and a good amount of irony. We designed a special 2021 calendar that celebrates the arrival of the New Year by mocking the bloody 2020. It has been sent in December to our current and potential customers. One month after another, twelve small and big wishes are told by a polychrome and modernist graphic design and by minimal illustrations. 12 months of colors, dreams, small and big desires enclosed in a limited edition design object.It’s a table calendar in the form of a leporello and thanks to its converting invention can be kept flat and browsed like a book or it can be kept standing on your desk in the shape of a circle or take the most varied forms. Customer response was immediate and sincere. Quoting one of the feedback "Lateral calendar is a lucky charm to keep on my desk". The F*ck2020 Calendar was also unveiled to the public during the third week of December and had a great media coverage, collecting articles in newspapers and design blogs. The purchase requests meant that the project was reprinted in January 2021 to be also intended for sale.
The F*ck 2020 Calendar has been granted the Golden A' Design Award Competition in Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Category.

Client: Lateral
Project: 2021 Calendar
Activity: Self Promotion
Creative Director & Graphic Designer: Francesco Fallisi
Packaging Designer: Federica Bello
Production & Print: tech:art
Paper: Gruppo Cordenons
Photographer: Studio 3GK