2021 Calendar

2020 comes to an end, finally. It has been a difficult, cruel, painful year for the whole world. The time has come to turn the page. How? With the power of design, imagination, irony. We designed a 2021 calendar that celebrates the arrival of the New Year by mocking the bloody 2020. A design object, unique and limited edition, to be sent to present and future customers. A table calendar, which thanks to its technical invention can be browsed like a book or take the most varied forms. 12 months of colors, dreams, small and big desires. May 2021 be an amazing year for everyone. And above all, #F*ck2020!

Client: Lateral
Project: 2021 Calendar
Activity: Self Promotion
Creative Director & Graphic Designer: Francesco Fallisi
Packaging Designer: Federica Bello
Production & Print: tech:art
Paper: Gruppo Cordenons