Sottilette Fumé

Sottilette Fumé with scamorza cheese have a unique, special taste, which makes even a simple dish a memorable palatal experience. You don't need great culinary skills: anyone can savor the thrill of feeling like a chef within the walls of their home. On this promise we built the story for the TV launch of Sottilette Fumé. The film starts with a woman waiting to be served at a table.The atmosphere and the background music suggest a typical intimate and classy restaurant situation. Even the dish - an aubergine pocket with pepper, speck and Sottilette Fumé - is presented and served with emphasis by who we think is a waiter. But the gaze and a joke of the protagonist reveal the twist: we are at home, to serve is her boyfriend who plays the role of the chef for her. "Because thanks to the new Sottilette Fumé" says the speaker at the end "you don't need to be a chef to prepare an exquisite dish".

Client: Sottiliette®
Project: Sottilette® Fumé con scamorza
Activity: TV Commercial
Executive Creative Director: Francesco Fallisi
Production Company: The Family
Executive Producer & Director: Stefano Quaglia
Producer: Federica Dordoni
Head of Production: Federico Luiselli
Post Producer: Simone Barbella
DoP: Edoardo Emanuele
Stylist: Raffaele Fusco
Set Designer: Fabienne Arzul
Home Economist: Roberta Benedetti
Editor: Nicola Mucelli
Colorist: Giorgia Meacci
Visual Effect: Walter Perrucci (IggyPost)
Sound Engineer: Christian Di Martino (Disc to Disc)
Actors: Giulia Perosa, Michele Magni