Brand Revolution Lab

New packaging design for White Condiments of Acetomodena. A Project for Brand Revolution Lab 2020, a laboratory where solutions are tested to revolutionize brand communication. We started with the ingredients - white wine vinegar, cooked white grape must and a spice - and we translated, through the design, their effect on sight and palate: colors and flavors that overlap without covering but enhancing each other. Then we asked ourselves: what does sustainability mean in 2020? To use green materials and tools, of course, but even more to think of a solution that minimizes waste in a logic of reuse. “The light side of vinegar” is born. An elegant bottle and a box that becomes a candle lantern, in a conceptual continuity between the delicacy of taste, the light color of the product and the brightness it gives in its second life. Our journey between design and eco packaging ends with a special shopping bag that becomes a drop to wear like a backpack.

This project is a prototype developed for the event and did not go into production. The patent of the paper lantern and the entire design concept of the project are owned by Lateral Creative Hub. Any unauthorized use will be prosecuted.

Client: Acetomodena & Brand Revolution Lab
Project: The light side of vinegar
Activity: Packaging
Creative Director / Graphic Designer: Francesco Fallisi
Packaging Designer: Federica Bello
Event PR and production: Stratego Group
Printing and development: tech:art Torino
Print: HP
Paper: Gruppo Cordenons
Brass Cliché: Luxoro
Bottle: O-I