Jeckerson is a brand that made the history of denim in Italy. For over 25 years, their trousers have been characterized by a unique and unmistakable stylistic trait: a particular patch on the front of each trousers, sometimes made with a different fabric. In 2022 we have been called to redesign the brand logo in a more modern key, without losing the DNA and the characteristic features of the brand. We therefore chose to work on the iconic trouser patch, a timeless trait that is interpreted in an essential, modern way, characterized by a marked negative space. The new "J" becomes a new sign, but at the same time it's full of history and capable of relaunching the new collection by signing every detail.

Client: Jeckerson
Activity: Logo, Labelling, Brand Book
Executive Creative Director / Graphic Designer: Francesco Fallisi
Executive Creative Director / Visual Designer: Federica Bello
Executive Creative Director / Copy: Daniela Zuccotti
Graphic Designer: Mariagiulia Braglia
Label Design: Federica Bello