Save the Children

On the occasion of the new 5x1000* campaign for Save the Children we have built a communication project that uses a rather unusual language compared to the typical codes of non-profit communication. For Save The Children, saving children means saving all the values ​​that represent childhood. And, after all, these values ​​can be summarized in one word and in a very simple and absolute concept: the daily search for their happiness. Is there anything more powerful than a child who laughs happily? It is adrenaline, hope, strength, courage, the future. The spot is a celebration of the joy of boys and girls all over the world. The tight editing alternates different styles and different treatments: scenes shot ad hoc, clips from Save the Children’s fields, videos taken with mobile phones. The film ends with a child running and happily throwing himself into the arms of a Save the Children operator who becomes the brand's spokesperson with the following words: "Their happiness is ours too. Help us with a signature. Donate your 5x1000 to Save the Children to give care, school and protection to millions of children ". Even the soundtrack - a song composed ad hoc with a punk atmosphere and sung by boys and girls - is unusual and narratively relevant, as well as innovative from the point of view of communication and campaign disclosure.

*5x1000 is a means of donating to non-profit organizations from income tax payments without any further contribution from the tax payer.

Client: Save the Children
Project: Happiness
Activity: Integrated Campaign
Creative Director / Art Director: Francesco Fallisi
Creative Director / Copywriter: Simona Angioni
Production Company: The Family
Executive Producer / Director: Stefano Quaglia
Head of Production: Federico Luiselli
Producer: Raffaele Fusco
DOP: Roberto Calvi
Editor: Stuart Greenwald & Nicola Mucelli
Post Producer: Simone Barbella
Colorist: Daniel Pallucca
Music: Alessandro Branca, Serena Menarini - Human Touch Music; lyrics by Laura De Luca
Audio Production: Disc to Disc Milano
Actress: Gioia Mazzariello