Save the Children Partenze

Save the Children is in the front line, fighting for a right to education. The objective of the campaign is to gather signatures for a petition to help children in need, remembering that more than a million are at risk of not being able to fulfil their dreams as a result. Using a simple metaphor, the film shows a group of children in a departure lounge at an airport, each waiting for their dreams to take off. Their anxious eyes convey the uncertainty of these dreams, without completely losing hope in seeing them take off one day. The creative idea has been in print and posters, using the same combination of poetry and realism. The campaign had a strong impact on public opinion, generating much media interest. Between April and June 2017 they collected 53,167 signatures which were delivered to the Prime Minister of Italy.

Client: Save the Children
Project: Futuro in Partenza
Activity: Integrated Campaign
Client Director: Chiara Soloni
Creative Directors: Francesco Fallisi, Simona Angioni
Production Company: Karen Film
Executive Producer: Tommaso Pellicci
Producer: Simona Luciano
Director: Alberto Colombo
Dop: Alessandro Pavoni
Editor: Luca Garavoglia
Colorist: Daniel Pallucca
Post Production Producer: Giancarlo Ciani
Post Production: Gabriele Lorusso
Music: Guido Smider
Sound Production Company: Disc to Disc
Speakers: Chiara Gioncardi, Raffaele Carpenti